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book designer, philosopher, feminist


Friday 21st Oct 2016

9.45 – 10.15

Anti-Schadenfreude. Am I still smiling or laughing at you?


Humans laugh because of intelligence (as proven with Chuck Norris). It signals the fainting into understanding; no blonde can escape this truth. The sudden glory of comprehension is always rooted within social context as a strong influence for change and innovation. And therefore feared and fought. Hobbes, Eco and Nietzsche were not the only ones aware of the laughter success. Who laughs last, if Charlie laughs best?



Susanne Dechant, born in 1962, is a typographic designer based in Vienna. In 1992 she founded her studio Dechant Grafische Arbeiten concentrating on typography for book and editorial design. More conceptually based work for clients in the cultural fields as well as corporate design tasks were added within the past years. Dechant has taught typography on various educational locations for over 12 years and was head of the department of Graphic Design at the Werbe Akademie Wien from 2005 to 2008.

Member of international juries like The Most Beautiful Books (Austria + Worldwide), IF Award Kommunkationsdesign/Hannover, ISTD Award/London, Academic Referee for Feminist Education and Politics, Post Graduate Diploma Gender Studies. In 2016 she obtained the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Vienna.


Susanne Dechant, ur. 1962, jest wiedeńską typografką. W 1992 roku założyła studio Dechant Grafische Arbeiten zajmujące się przede wszystkim projektowaniem typografii wydawniczej. W ostatnich latach projektuje również systemy identyfikacyjne i konceptualne struktury projektowe dla klientów z sektora kultury. Susanne Dechant od 12 lat prowadzi zajęcia z typografii. W latach 2005–2008 była dziekanem Wydziału Grafiki Werbe Akademie Wien.

Jest członkinią wielu międzynarodowych komisji i jury np. The Most Beautiful Books (Austria + Ogólnoświatowy), IF Award Kommunkationsdesign/Hannover, ISTD Award/London, recenzentką dla Feminist Education and Politics, Post Graduate Diploma Gender Studies. W 2016 roku otrzymała dyplom licencjacki Bachelor of Philosophy Uniwersytetu w Wiedniu.




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