and way finding systems designer, lecturer

of ASP Katowice

and PJAIT Warsaw


Friday 21st Oct 2016

14.30 – 15.00

Public space taken with a pinch of salt


Design for public space should be helpful and useful, should give a sense of security, should be accessible, timeless and we could go on like that for a long time. But do we really expect that in some office, at the airport – somebody will take care of our mood and will try to cheer us up? What surrounds us, can it make us laugh? How often is this approach conscious. Let’s check if designers and investors have any sense of humor.



Designer of information and identification systems. With Agnieszka Nawrocka, she creates Tukej design studio. Lecturer at ASP Katowice and PJAIT in Warsaw, where she leads the visual information system laboratory and graphic design. Winner (along with AN) of EdAwards competition, as well as Silesian Icon for information system for NOSPR building in Katowice.


Projektantka informacji oraz systemów identyfikacji wizualnej. Z Agnieszką Nawrocką tworzą studio projektowe Tukej. Wykłada na ASP w Katowicach i PJATK w Warszawie, gdzie prowadzi pracownię projektowania systemów komunikacji wizualnej i projektowania graficznego. Laureatka konkursów EdAwards oraz Ikona Śląska za projekt systemu komunikacji wizualnej dla budynku NOSPR w Katowicach.


Justyna Kucharczyk | tukej




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