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A Smile in the Mind


with Greg Quinton

Friday 21st Oct 2016

16.00 – 16.45

Smile in the Mind


A Smile in the Mind is the definitive book on ‘witty thinking’ – humor, ideas, playfulness – in design and branding. First published in 1996, the original edition by Beryl McAlhone and The Partners, co-founder David Stuart, became a seminal text for a generation of designers. 20 years later, the book has been extensively revised and updated for the next generation by new co-authors Greg Quinton and Nick Asbury. Published by Phaidon in March 2016, the new edition makes the case that the story of wit in the last 20 years is one of ‘scaling up’. As designers have enjoyed access to new technologies and greater freedom to move across disciplinary boundaries, so the realm of wit has become larger. Wit powers big brands, communicates serious social messages, and shapes not only the way products are marketed, but also the products themselves and the environments in which we encounter them.



Nick Asbury is a writer for branding and design. He has been interviewed in the New York Times and described in a Creative Review profile piece as “the designer’s writer”. In 2016, he co-authored the revised and updated edition of A Smile in the Mind: Witty thinking in Graphic Design. He writes for design and branding projects and is the most awarded writer in the D&AD Writing for Design category. He also writes and blogs for the design and creative press, and is a practicing poet and reviewer.


Nick Asbury jest pisarzem zajmującym się tematyką budowania marki i dizajnem. Wywiad z nim został opublikowany w New York Times, gdzie rubryka Creative Review określa go jako „pisarza projektantów”. Jest współautorem poprawionej i uaktualnionej edycji książki A Smile in the Mind: Witty thinking in Graphic Design, wydanej w 2016 roku. Jego teksty na temat dizajnu i projektów budowania marki zdobywają uznanie D&AD – jest najczęściej nagradzanym autorem w kategorii Pisanie dla Dizajnu. Pisuje również do magazynów i na blogi prasy branży projektowej i artystycznej; jest praktykującym poetą i recenzentem.


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