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Friday 21st Oct 2016

15.30 – 16.00

Bauhaus Wit or “Humour is when you laugh despite of everything“

O.J. Bierbaum


One could argue that the historical Bauhaus can be seen as one of the birthplaces of what we have long since taken for granted as being referred to as ‘visual communication’. An attempt to establish itself as a progressive School for Design in times of reconstruction after the First World War and convey this to the outside world against the background of a social utopian aspirations, led to the willingness for continual self-reflection and change. Within this process, in dealing with the external and internal resistances, deficiencies in materials, issues regarding study-relevant operations, pedagogic objectives and notwithstanding the peculiar characteristics among the teachers and the students themselves drove the Bauhaus artists to respond, not only in written acts, but also in their works of art. Whether in the workshops, in the contributions to the party culture of Bauhaus or in the manufactured commercial graphics, during teaching or in the creation the fine arts, in all of these fields, wit, humor, comedy and (self-)irony could be found. Examples of these will be introduced in this lecture.



Peter Stasny, MA , PhD, was born in 1958 in Salzburg. He studied Art Education, Art History and Philosophy in Vienna and Melbourne. Since 2005, he has been Head of Studio for Knowledge Transfer and Research Networking and Senior Lecturer in Art and Design History and Founding Member of the New Design University, Private University of the Creative Industries in St. Poelten, Austria. He is an exhibition curator; 2003–2007 Visiting Professor in Methods of Art Appreciation at the University of Art and Design in Linz; 1983–987 and 1996–2005 and since 2010 Lecturer for Art and Cultural History at the HLA (Higher Technical College) for Design, Herbststrasse in Vienna. Publications on art education, art history of the Bauhaus and the classical modern and contemporary art of Austrian.


Peter Stasny urodził się w roku 1958 w Salzburgu. Studiował Edukację Artystyczną, Historię Sztuki i Filozofię w Wiedniu i w Melbourne. Od roku 2005 prowadzi Studio for Knowledge Transfer and Research Networking i wykłada Historię Sztuki i Projektowania na prywatnej uczelni projektowej New Design University w St. Poelten w Austrii, której jest współzałożycielem. Jest kuratorem licznych wystaw. W latach 2003–2007 wykładał gościnnie na Uniwersytecie w Linz, prowadzi także zajęcia z Historii sztuki i Kultury dla studentów Wyższej Szkoły Technicznej (HLA) w Wiedniu. Publikuje prace na temat historii Bauhausu oraz sztuki austriackiej.




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