Friday 21st October 2016


08.30      registration

09.00      welcome – together: Martin Meisel,

                 NInA representative, President of PJAIT

09.15      Ronni Madsen

                 Commercial humor in Danish TV campaigns

                 and online content // M2Film

09.45      Susanne Dechant

                 Anti-Schadenfreude. Am I still smiling or laughing at you? 

10.15      Dorota Brzozowska

                 Styles of humor in communication

10.45      coffee break

11.15      Katerina Antonaki & Alexandra Antonopoulou

                 Let’s have a laugh

12.00      Madalena Martins

                 Funny objects – a way of communication

12.30      Marta Kamińska

                 Theater of improvisation in social communication

13.00     lunch break

14.00      Jakub Berdych & Lenka Kohoutova

                5 Years Later

14.30      Justyna Kucharczyk

                 Public space taken with a pinch of salt

15.00      coffee break

15.30      Peter Stasny

                Bauhaus Wit or “Humour is when you laugh despite

                 of everything“ – O. J. Bierbaum

16.00      Greg Quinton & Nick Asbury

                Smile in the mind




17.00      Marta Kamińska

                Theatre of improvisation in social communication

17.00      Marjatta Itkonen

                Social design – students proposals review



Saturday 22nd October 2016


09.00      welcome tea/coffee

09.30      Anna Machwic

                 The role of humour in children’s picture books

10.00      Yadzia Williams

                 Laughter is the best Medicine

10.30      Henning Wagenbreth

                A smile is a serious matter

11.00      coffee break

11.30      Lorcan Finnegan

                 Humorous commercials

12.00      Radu Paraschivescu

                 Laughter in vowels, laughter in proverbs

12.30      Lucas Nijs & Tom de Smedt

                Laughter in the Age of Robots

13.15      lunch break

14.15      Loesje

                 Loesje experience on using sense of humor

                 in communication and problem solving














14.45      Loesje

                 Creative writing – Out of the box is my everyday routine

14.45      Yadzia Williams, Anna Machwic, Jan Bajtlik

                 Family workshops




Throughout the conference




– Plakatatak – a series of 50 Posters by Agata Dudek/Acapulco Studio, Lex Drewinski, Götz Gramlich, Frank Höhne,

                 Krzysztof Iwański, Tymek Jezierski, Uwe Loesch, Mario Lombardo, Ariane Spanier, Studio Syfon,

                 curated by Lars Harmsen – Slanted Publishers and Rene Wawrzkiewicz – Design Crit for Goethe-Institute Warsaw

Zacharias StoufisL.I.P. (Laugh in Peace)




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