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of The Encyclopedia of Writing and Illustrating Children's Books


Saturday 22nd Oct 2016

10.00 – 10.30

Laughter is the best Medicine


The ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource. There is something magical about laughter. The lecture will try and explore the importance of laughter and humor in our daily life and how laughter and developing a sense of humor can be encouraged into the lives of our children, through various forms of communication and education, so that it can grow and develop into adulthood and be passed on from generation to generation and make life fun.





with Jan Bajtlik, Anna Machwic

Saturday 22nd Oct 2016

14.45 – 17.45

Family Workshop


We will make Laughter: family funny stories – a very simple book of 6–8 pages, 30×30 cm in size. The book will use only black ink and wooden block letters (used as stamps). As there is no complete alphabet, creating new forms from different letters is allowed. It could be a picture book or a very short story, with or without text. The goal is to create everything using only typographic elements.

All participants should bring some wastepaper for collages.



Yadzia Williams is a Senior Lecturer in the Creative Arts at The North Wales School of Art and Design in Wrexham Glyndwr University in North Wales. She was born in a Polish Camp in North Wales to Polish and Czech immigrants and graduated from Canterbury College of Art in Design Communication. She has worked as an illustrator and educator for over 40 years. Currently teaching on the BA(Hons) Illustration, Illustration for Children’s Publishing and Graphic Novels program and MA Art Practice and MA Design Practice. She sees herself as an image maker working mainly through the medium of Printmaking with a passion for creating handmade books.


Yadzia Williams jest starszym wykładowcą Sztuk Kreatywnych w School of Art and Design Uniwersytetu Glyndwr w Wrexham. Urodziła się w polsko-czeskiej rodzinie w obozie dla imigrantów w Północnej Walii; ukończyła kierunek Komunikacji Projektowej w College of Art w Canterbury. Od 40 lat pracuje jako ilustratorka i nauczyciel. Obecnie prowadzi zajęcia z Ilustracji, Ilustracji dla Publikacji Dziecięcej oraz Powieści Graficznej na studiach licencjackich oraz Sztuki i Dizajnu na studiach magisterskich. Samą siebie określa jako twórcę obrazu, głównie z wykorzystaniem medium druku; jej pasją są ręcznie wykonywane książki.


The Encyclopedia of Writing and Illustrating Children's Books




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