poet, performer, iconographer


21st –22nd Oct 2016

Throughout the conference

L.I.P. (Laugh in Peace)


Creating comfort zones for the relief of loss. Laughter as a medium to overcome the mourning and as a common way of remembrance of our beloved.


With this paper we are going to present to the audience our work in progress, for the photographic publication we are working on, under the title L.I.P. (Laugh in Peace).


A selection of photographs placed on the graves of the Athenian public Orthodox graveyards. The joy of life reversed and/or 'reserved'. Laughter placed in a new context, that of the state we want to remember our goners. Laughter in memorial portraits, as the last social presence.


A tribute on laughter as the expression the others choose to remember their beloved. What if you had to pick up only one photograph through which you remember your goner? Which photograph would this be? How do we choose to remember our deceased loved ones? Photographic portraits of laughter and joy, both as the medium of representing the goner (funeral portraits) and as a tool for structuring the way the remaining family wants to remember the lost member of the family (zones of relief).



Zacharias Stoufis was born in Zakynthos island in 1974. He is a poet, researcher and performer. The focal point of his poetic work and inspiration is death and human condition. His main research interests are the customs and rituals of death as we meet them in folk art, in literature and in contemporary societies of Greece. In the recent years he has been researching and documenting the Greek cemeteries. So far he has published ten collections of poems and seven studies on thanatology. His work has been published in multiple literary magazines and exhibitions. Zacharias lives and works in Greece as an iconographer in Orthodox churches.


Zacharias Stoufis urodził na wyspie Zakynthos w 1974 roku. Jest poetą, badaczem i performerem. Głównym punktem jego pracy poetyckiej oraz inspiracją jest temat śmierci i kondycji ludzkiej; badania skupiają się na zwyczajach i rytuałach dotyczących śmierci w sztuce ludowej, literaturze oraz współczesnych społecznościach Grecji. W ostatnich latach badał i dokumentował greckie cmentarze. Do tej pory opublikował dziesięć zbiorów poezji i siedem opracowań w dziedzinie tanatologii. Jego prace prezentowane były w licznych magazynach literackich oraz na wystawach. Zacharias mieszka i pracuje w Grecji jako ikonograf w kościołach prawosławnych.




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